On Yoni Gazing and Zen Pussy

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I'm puzzled. Is yoni gazing really meditatiive therapy or do you suppose it's actually more of a hobby? What sort of credentials must one have to call themselves a Yoni Therapist (Y.T.)?

"...whenever I'm working with a client who isn't quite ready for internal work, we can begin the release process with my finger(s) inside her mouth"
"I'll try it for reconnecting with the Mother's yoni."


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    Breathing through the Clitoris

    Sun, October 5, 2008 - 7:47 PM
    I am learning so much from Tribe!

    My yoni is so much more than just a place to store cabbage.
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      Diversity Initiatives

      Sun, October 5, 2008 - 7:49 PM
      Human yoni is the gateway pussy.
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        This is your yoni on Tribe.

        Sun, October 5, 2008 - 7:55 PM
        Yoni massage explained and simplified.
        • Orbitgasm

          Sun, October 5, 2008 - 8:34 PM
          A masterful yoni massage always gets my rocks off.
          • Re: Orbitgasm

            Sun, October 5, 2008 - 8:36 PM
            For further study:

            Zen Pussy: A Meditation on Eleven Vulvas (1999)
            Runtime: 75 mins
            Genre: Adult Audience
            Synopsis: Hosted by Dr. Joseph Kramer and legendary performance artist Annie Sprinkle, ZEN PUSSY presents new age philosophical insight via in-depth looks at the vulvas of eleven different women. Intended to help foster positive attitudes in women regarding their genitals and sexuality, this instructional program focuses on the creativity, emotions, and pleasure aroused by this previously taboo area. Please note that this program contains mature content and is not appropriate for children.
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              Re: Orbitgasm

              Mon, October 6, 2008 - 10:26 AM
              Think that's available on Netlicks?
              • Wot wot eez ze sound ov one nut busting?

                Mon, October 13, 2008 - 10:00 AM
                The Zen of sex - poem - Web Chapbook Issue:
                Literary Review, Spring, 1998 by Beth Houston

                ahem! Kak. Quiet pleaseth...

                Strolling through her prim mid-July garden

                we pause in what passes for afternoon shade

                beneath a peach tree. Koan after koan

                and finally I'm getting it, this new position

                she calls the still point in the turning wheel.

                I don't think I'm that coordinated, but

                she says in Zen the mastering of an art

                is the mastering of one's being.

                The mastering I get. I tell her again she's

                more radiant than a snow of peach blossoms.

                The Zen archer, she reminds me, spends years

                learning to properly nock, draw, shoot

                before mastering the art of "letting go,"

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                Adventures In My Bed
                of letting the arrow "shoot itself." No,

                not suicide! her sigh the only breeze.

                The target is the self, annihilation

                through consistent hitting of the bull's-eye

                the way of merging with the One.

                No, not master baiting! she should say

                as I look puzzled at a worm, noticing

                the tree is full of ripening peaches, some

                green, some blushed bursting juicy. I lean

                against a branch oozing sticky sap

                I'm dying to taste. Parched I say:

                But you said archery you do alone, you

                become a master when you and arrow and target

                are one process, one entity, you know

                archery so well it's literally a part of you.

                Consider breath, she says, noticing no doubt

                my panting. In Greek the same word for breath

                means spirit. The archer learns to breathe

                in earth -- hold, shoot -- breathe out sky.

                Breathing becomes emptying of mind and self.

                Only the truly empty can be filled

                with enlightened realization that

                despite many targets, there is only

                one bull's-eye. We began by discussing

                the art of flower arranging, but now

                I'm so scorcher thirsty I could

                drink her sweat, I could suck blood

                from a peach stone or an arrow. She says:

                Drawing the bow is the moment of highest

                tension preceding ecstasy: death, creative

                eros, orgasm. In a relationship

                you focus on your lover so intensely that

                you and she and sex melt into one experience.

                You lose your sense of boundaries, not in a

                co-dependent sense: your finite, temporal

                external self melts away and your spirit fuses

                with her spirit. A blackbird lands on a branch

                above us and noisily devours a peach. I lick

                my lips, noticing bees, a swarm of lucky gnats.

                You don't lose your individuality, she says,

                in fact the sense of your unique self,

                the core spirit, is heightened.

                All the generic melts away. You are left

                with your true absolute essence merging

                with the absolute essence of the other.

                When the two are one they are

                most fully two: The Zen of paradox.

                Koan after koan, but I'm finally getting it.

                First you must kill your parents, she quotes,

                then you must kill the Buddha, and then

                you must kill me. I reach up

                and pluck us a peach, warm and luscious.

                COPYRIGHT 1998 Fairleigh Dickinson University
                COPYRIGHT 2004 Gale Group
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                  Re: Wot wot eez ze sound ov one nut busting?

                  Tue, October 21, 2008 - 6:26 PM
                  Meow! Zen is HOT!

                  I'll admit it's non-sequitur but here's something I read on a friend's blog recently:
                  Sex With Dead People Deemed Illegal

                  Ok, so as I'm riding the MBTA in to work this morning reading my Metro newspaper, I come across the article "Court: Sex with corpses is illegal"

                  Apparently until yesterday's ruling, sex with dead people was technically legal in the state of Wisconsin.

                  The last sentence of the article was, in my humble opinion, the most hilarious sentence I've ever read in my life:

                  In yesterday's 5-2 decision, the high court said Wisconsin law makes sex acts with dead people illegal because they are unable to give consent.

                  Yes folks, it was a 5-2 ruling. So 2 people ruled in favor of allowing sex with dead people. W. T. F.

                  But to make it even more hilarious, the reason they decided it was not kosher was that the dead people could not give consent. L. O. L.

                  We live in a funny world...


                  Feel free to have a go if you ever bump into my bloated corpse. You can quote me on that. I'll be practicing non-attachment at that point anyway.

                  You can't take it with you.
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                    Zombie Sex

                    Thu, October 30, 2008 - 9:04 PM
                    leads tou crotch-rot.

                    Donut furget to don your shroud!
  • Re: On Yoni Gazing and Zen Pussy

    Sun, October 5, 2008 - 7:49 PM
    Just another horny wanna be shamen,
    hiding behind spiritual proclamation for physical satisfaction.

    It becomes funny after awhile seeing all the angles guys work to get laid.

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